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Prepare your home for showing.


Be sure the entrance to your home is clean and inviting.

Keep the lawn mowed and steps swept.

Store hoses neatly and be sure sprinklers do not water the walkways.

Remove exterior vehicles from curb view.


Keep the floors clean and swept.

Put away all clothes if laundry is done in the garage.


Polish the floor, mirrors and fixtures.

Replace shower curtain if necessary.

Hang your best towels and open a fresh bar of soap.

Freshen up with plants and flowers.

Put away personal items.


Keep the lights on and doors slightly open.

Hang clothes neatly and box your shoes.


Be certain counters and floors are neat and clean.

Wipe away fingerprints and be sure the garbage is taken out.


Keep all lights on and doors to main rooms open.

Open drapes and be sure windows are cleaned inside and out.

Eliminate unpleasant odors.

Place fresh flowers throughout.

Play soft music during showing.

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